Welcome to the official website of the erotic artist and fantasy illustrator Sandra Chang. The creator, writer and artist of such comic books as Akemi, Sheedeva, Achilles Storm, Sin Metal Sirens and other Eros X-rated Anthologies. Her 48-page art book, Steampunk Rising: The Art of Sandra Chang Adair, published by SQP Publications, is available now. She is also currently working on Gothic Geisha, an online comic about rebels fighting a dysotopian Authoritarian Government. Click on the button below for more information. Also in the works is a children's book called Musketeer Tails.

Warning: This site contains erotic, suggestive material, you should be at least 17 to enter.


Peruse through Sandra Chang's fantasy art gallery and marvel at her unique erotic artwork. Her sexy girl pin-ups differ from the traditional cheesecake good girl art and depict women as strong super heroines, usually dominant over their male counterparts. Being a female in a male-oriented business, Sandra hopes that her art will encourage women to realize their full potential in life. All her figures are sensual, the women clad in latex lingerie and the men ripped and muscular. "Hey if we all had bodies like that, we would all flaunt them in the skimpiest of clothing." An avid fan of Hong Kong Action flicks, Sandra expresses her love for the martial arts fantasy and science fiction in her artwork. Her characters are quite often skilled at Ju Jitsu and Kung Fu. Sandra has illustrated articles for Inside Kung Fu Magazine from 2003 to 2007. She is currently painting pin-ups for Hustler Magazine and writing tutorials for Digital Artist and Painter Magazine. Sandra has contributed artwork four years in a row to Erotic Signature "World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today". Her art was featured in "Exotique 3: The World's Most Beautiful CG Characters" and in Heavy Metal. She has done CCG cards for White Wolf and Alderac Entertainment. Sandra is a member of the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles and CG Society.

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Sandra Chang's 2015 Convention Appearances:

June 19-21: Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con
This Convention will be held at South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Sandra will be in Artist Alley showcasing her new 48-page artbook, Steampunk Rising: The Art of Sandra Chang-Adair, published by SQP Books.

July 8-12: San Diego Comic Con
Sandra will be sharing a table with Dustin Adair. She will have Gothic Geisha #1-3 Comics for sale as well as Steampunk Rising. Drop by Table E6 and say Hello.

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