Sandra Chang-Adair is a digital illustrator specializing in fantasy art that began in comic books. She has been published in Hustler, Heavy Metal, Fantagraphics Books/Eros Comix and Inside Kung-Fu. She has written tutorials for Digtial Art/Fantasy Art, Advanced Photoshop and Corel Painter Magazines. Her 48-page art book, Steampunk Rising: The Art of Sandra Chang-Adair, published by SQP Publications is available now. She is currently working on her online comic, Gothic Geisha. A futuristic, sci-fi adventure about rebels fighting a dysotopian Authoritative Government. Go to to view the series.

Fantasy and Steampunk Art
Sandra's Steampunk Alice in Wonderland has graced the cover of Corel Painter Magazine along with a 6-page tutorial in 2010. Her painting of Steampunk Michael Jackson was published in the 400-page Michael Jackson Opus Book sanctioned by the Jackson Estate.
Sexy Girl Pin-up Art
Sandra has been illustrating pin-ups for Hustler comics and later for Hustler Magazine from 2009-2012. Her beautiful pinup work is collected in her Steampunk Rising: The Art of Sandra Chang-Adair, and features some new paintings created exclusively for the book.
Sandra is currently working on her new comic book series, Gothic Geisha. She began self-publishing, writing and drawing Achilles Storm and Akemi in the 1990's. She created Sheedeva and Sin Metal Sirens for Fantagraphics Books.

About Sandra

Sandra's Bio

Sandra Chang-Adair is a self-taught artist that is passionate about delineating the beauty of the human form. Her characters are depicted as fairies, mermaids, knights, heroines and mythical characters in the steam punk genre. She loves interjecting subtle humor in her vignettes (often sneaking in her beloved dogs). Her medium of choice is digital, drawing from scratch and using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. She also loves oils, acrylics and watercolors.

Sandra counts among her influences the Pre-Rapahelite Artists: John William Waterhouse, John Everett Millais; Fantasy Illustrators: Boris Vallejo, Rowena and Frank Frazetta; Japanese Fantasy Artists: Yoshitaka Amano, Masamune Shirow; Comic Book Artists: Wendy Pini, Frank Miller and George Perez; as well as many others. Sandra is a HUGE fan of Michael Jackson, the books of Alexandre Dumas and Ayn Rand. Sandra loves sci-fi, fantasy and martial arts films. When Sandra is not drawing or painting, she can be found at kung fu. She has been practicing martial arts since 1994. She has a second degree blackbelt in Budoshin Ju Jitsu, a blacksash in Northern Eagle Claw, certificates in Traditional Kung Fu and Traditional Kung Fu Weapons at Beijing Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi Academy. She is currently studying at Shaolin Taichi Cultural Center in Las Vegas with a 34th generation Shaolin Monk. Sandra lives in Las Vegas with her husband, Dustin Adair, a mobile app game developer and two dogs, a sheltie named Ripley and Penny the Australian Shepherd Mix.

Random Facts about Sandra

Sandra graduated from Columbia College in New York City and has a bachelors of art in Computer Science. She wanted to be an artist ever since she was a little child, but her parents sent her to an Engineering School. In the second year, she transferred to the Liberal Arts College.

Sandra loves learning, she is currently studying Zbrush using video tutorials by Michael Pavlovich. She is also studying to improve her color and lighting.

Sandra's favorite movies are the original Star Wars trilogy, The Three Musketeers (1973) and The Four Musketeers (1974), Legend of the Drunken Master II (Jackie Chan), Fist of the Legend (Jet Li), Enter the Dragon (Bruce Lee), the first Matrix and the LOTR Trilogy.

Sandra met her husband, Dustin Adair, at Jury Duty in Los Angeles. Both she and Dustin were avoiding Jury Duty for years and had to attend or face a fine of $2500. So if you are single, always go to Jury Duty! You never know what great things may come!

The Many Faces of Sandra

Sandra Chang-Adair at the San Diego Comic-con in 2011
Artist Digital Illustrator and Comic Book Artist
Sandra Chang-Adair with her sheltie, Ripley and her aussie, Freckles
Writer/Creator Currently working on Gothic Geisha Comic
Sandra wearing her Mordsith Outfit at the San Diego Comic-con in 2011
Cosplayer Dresses up at Comic Book conventions
Sandra doing a jumping back-kick
Martial Artist Studies at Shaolin Taichi Cultural Center

Future Events

San Diego Comic-con logo

San Diego Comic-Con, San Diego CA

Usually Sandra will be at Table E-6 with her husband. Due to the Corona virus this may be next year, 2021.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con logo

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, Las Vegas NV

Sandra usually is in Artist Alley. Due to the Corona Virus, this will be postponed.

Fantasy Art

little mermaid saving prince
African American fairy sitting on a swing carried by parrot
D'Artagnan sitting on horse comes across a mermaid by the seashore
sailor thrown overboard underwater is saved by sea nymph mermaid
purple haired female warrior brandishing double deerhorn knives
evil banshee screaming and jumping, sci-fi city in background
handsome takeshi kaneshiro looking warrior vampire hunter
evil black knight on horseback green planet looming in background
asian heroine with angel wings and straight sword flying among futuristic city
Asian Pin-up girl, D.Va from Overwatch, brandishes two futuristic guns
Gothic lolita vampire is listening to ipod in the woods
An Angel wearing a badge enters the police precinct
Bruce Lee is poised at the Last Supper with Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Gordon Liu, Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, Tony Jaa, Wesley Snipes, Donnie Yen and Jean Claude Van Damme
Russell Crowe and Taye Diggs looking competitors fight in a UFC mixed martial arts ring
d'Artagnan from the Three Musketeers battles cutthroats on his way to save the Queen's diamond necklace
Beautiful blonde fairy is sleeping on top of a white unicorn, a hunter and two dogs watch her
lovely japanese geisha fairy is seated in the forest with a small dragon flying around her head
mermaid playing video games underwater with discarded monitor and hand held game controller
Handsome vampire master seated with subservient female underling
Painted for Hustler and influenced by Tron, a woman holds up a flying disk in the city and night
beautiful fairy is smoking a cigar in the forest
pink fairy is primping in the forest
fairy seated under an orchard looks mischievously at viewer
pretty horned woman is seated upon a gigantic monster
Two kung fu warriors are fighting while balancing on top of plum blossom poles
handsome warrior is fighting a sea dragon in the moonlight
Painted for Hustler December issue, Mrs. Claus's skirt is caught on a mistletoe Gil Elvgren style
good looking purple haired warrior with two broadswords is jumping down
Michael Jackson and lisa marie are lying in a lily pond
james dean looking vampire is stalking potential victims outside a nightclub
Shifu Xing-Wei, 32nd generation monk is on a mountain top, posing with two spears
A sexy space girl rides a rocket as it soars in the galaxy
Concept Art of Lisolette for the Gothic Geisha Online Comic
Concept Art of Chloe for the Gothic Geisha Online Comic
Concept Art of the Main Protagonist, Akemi, for the Gothic Geisha Online Comic
Painted for the Calgary Zoo, commissioned by Willy Forrest, features white unicorn missing noah's ark
Painted for fun, Sandra loves BBC's The Musketeers! Pictured is Luke Pasqualino as D'Artagnan and Tamla Kari as Constance, in the tradition of Romeo and Juliet
Little Mermaid and the Prince are frolicking under the Lily Pads
Wonder Woman Gal Gadot is lying in the lap of Captain America Chris Evans as Groot sits nearby
Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther carries the body of a prone black man
Prince Nelson Rogers plays his guitar as imagery from his song, Starfish and Coffee, dance around him
Michael Jackson as an angel dressed in knightly armor cradles the earth in his hands

Steampunk Art

Veronika Kotjalic inspired steampunk winged warrior is seated upon a one person world war 1 tank
steampunk cinderella is boarding her steampunk carriage to attend the ball. Her animal friends bid her goodbye.
gothic lolita young woman in a steampunk shoe is surrounded by dogs instead of children.
Steampunk little red riding hood is armed with two guns in smoky victorian london
steampunk Michael Jackson as peter pan is dancing on top of a mountain
gothic lolita alice in wonderland with queen of hearts with steampunk flamingos
Steampunk Alice in Wonderland with giant mechanical catepillar
Steampunk snow white is in the woods with the poison apple and a rabbit and fawn
Aiko Tanaka inspired sexy heroine is seated among steampunk pipes in background
Drakaina sexy heroine is wearing a jetpack and flying with her shibu inu
Concept art for Gothic Geisha Comic, envisioning the geishas in a Steampunk costume
Sexy Steampunk Musketeer Girl with Furry Austrailian Shepherd sidekick
Reimaginging Alice in Wonderland as a male character with a female Madhatter in a Steampunk World
Reimagining the characters from Wizard of Oz as females in a Steampunk World. Here is the Cowardly Lion.
Concept art for Gothic Geisha Comic, designing Lisolette as a Steampunk Geisha
Envisioning the characters from Wizard of Oz as female Steampunk heroines. Here is the Tinman in search of a heart.
Sexy Harlequinn in a Steampunk outfit
Sexy Harlequinn in a Steampunk outfit
The Prince is driving a Steampunk Submarine when he is captivated by the Little Mermaid
Sexy Wonder Woman in Steampunk outfit
Sexy Steampunk Alice in Wonderland is growing after imbibing from the Drink Me Bottle
Sexy Role Reversal Female Scarecrow is helping Dorthy with her corset
Sexy Madhatter Role Reversal and Alice in Wonderland
This is Batgirl and not Catwoman!!!
Alice and her Madcap friends, Madhatter, White Rabbit, March Hare and others along for a crazy Wonderland Teacup Rollercoaster Ride!
Super Villian Steampunk Joker is leaning against a lamp post and throwing cards
Steampunk Alice in Wonderland is enjoying the Mad Hatter's Tea party onboard his flying airship. Present are the White Rabbit, the March Hare, the Door Mouse and the Cheshire Cat
Handsome Steampunk Pirate is onboard an Air Clipper Ship. A giant mechanical octopus looms above him in the clouds
Super Villian Steampunk Catwoman is holding a cat against her face


Achilles Storm is attacking street thugs comic page
Achilles attempts to rescue sister jenny from burning building
Achilles storm suits up in new costume
Achilles storm questions hoodlums by threatening to throw them off a building
Achilles threatens crooked cop
Akemi sci-fi comic cover
Akemi is walking through the crowded streets of the lowest level of the city
Akemi catches the public transit
Akemi is pursued by giant robot vehicles
Akemi loses consciousness and wakes up in the infirmary
Akemi is questioned by the doctor, her arm is severed off
Sheedeva fights the mighty warrior king wrathorne
Sheedeva and her companion, Uki, travel to the nightmare kingdom
Serpieri, the nightmare king has his own designs upon Sheedeva
Andoyne is on a mission to a space station
Anodyne is wandering through the space station and spots Epsilon, another spy
Anodyne fights enemy, Kismet, in a spy vs spy scenario
Anime Anodyne, Kismet robot is instructed to pleasure Anodyne
Concept comic page from Gothic Geisha. Akemi (reimagined) is fighting her nemesis, X909
Audrey is fighting a Biosynthek Soldier
Kenji is at a Restoration Construction Site issuing instructions to his fellow coworkers
Audrey fights Biosyntek soldiers to avoid arrest
Super Soldier Apex Ops X909 returns to his quarters after trying to arrest Audrey
Kenji feels someone is stalking him and attacks her. It is Lisolette the gothic geisha
Kenji persuades Lisolette to come back home with her
Cover to Gothic Geisha issue 5 features Akemi performing a jumping sidekick
The cover of Gothic Geisha issue 6 features Kenji, the protagonist, jumping in the air with a straight sword, the futuristic metropolis city is in the background
Jeremy, X909 cradles Akemi's head. Behind him is a collage of the Futuristic Metropolis city, the villians stand behind him along with some cybernetic soldiers


The Gothic Geisha Online Comic
Sandra embarks on her newest project, an online comic. Read the first 2 issues here. Life in Unopolis, a futuristic oppressive society, is bleak. Audrey, a woman with no memory of her past, joins the secretive sect, Gothic Geishas, to fight for freedom and the right to pursues ones dream. Read more
New Art and Tutorials
Sandra describes her 4-page Tutorial , "How to Paint a Steampunk Character" for Advanced Photoshop Magazine. Screen captures (not in the magazine) of the painting progress are included. Sandra explains the reasoning behind her newest paintings, Steampunk Veronika (based on Veronika Kotlajic) and Michael Jackson Ophelia. The unveiling of her Shifu Xing-Wei at the 7-year Anniverary is discussed. Read more
Erotic Art: A New Pin-up, Oil Paintings and Metal Prints
Sandra reveals her new erotic paintings for Hustler and the San Francisco Art Exhibit this past September. Super Heroes Undressed is the subject matter. Sandra divulges her experience with Metal Prints after reproducing 6 pieces of her artwork. A secret peak at her painting, Octopus Boy. Read more
Banzai Chicks Craig Horner Celebrity Endorsement and eFreesia
Craig Horner, star of Legend of the Seeker (and the new Joey Dakota) is seen on Tumbler wearing a Banzai Chicks T-shirt! Banzai Chicks's new licensing partnership with eFreesia (manufacturer of mobile charging devices) is revealed. Banzai Chicks artwork appears in the lifestyle section of their website. Read more


Sandra's Steampunk Fantasy Art Store on Etsy
All Prints are output on archival photo paper and personally signed by Sandra herself. Sandra also sells some handmade jewelry she has created with her artwork. Other things will be offered too, so check often for new items. See store
Sandra's Society 6 Store
Sandra's Society 6 store offers a variety of Print-on-Demand items featuring her art. Sandra has put her artwork on a variety of mobile cases and iPad and Laptop Skins. So if your mobile device needs protection or you want a cool skin for your Laptop, check this out. See store
Sandra's Rebelakemi Deviant Art Store
Sandra's Deviant Art Store offers more Print-on-Demand merchandise not found anywhere else. If you want Sandra's artwork on a mousepad, cool mug, or coaster, this is the place to shop for her items. See store


Get in touch with Sandra

Photo of Sandra in Mordsith outfit with husband, Dustin at the San Diego Comic-con 2012

Sandra is also available for commissions or freelance work. Rates depend on the art. Please contact her through her email. All work on this website is copyright © 2020 by Sandra Chang-Adair. If you would like to use her art, please contact her for permission.

Las Vegas

E-mail: sandra {at} sandra